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Durbin Labs is a leading-edge mobile application development company with clients in over 10 countries. We have created mobile apps of any complexity: from International award-winning applications to heavy enterprise-grade mobile solutions that automate critical business processes.

Solve business problems, connect with customers, strengthen your brand presence in the fastest growing market of Mobile Applications. We have expertise in native and hybrid platform that can provide the outmost Unified User Experience with cross platform application development.

Key Areas of Mobile Development Expertise

iOS App Development

Tap into our iOS development talent-pool to build beautiful apps, enterprise-grade mobile solutions, or engaging games.

Android App Development

Develop powerful, highly usable Android apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce your brand.

Cross-Platform Development

Cut your development and maintenance costs with cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on iOS, Android, and more.

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How a Successful Mobile App Development Project Works

It is critically important to pick the appropriate development approach for a mobile app.Durbin Labs’s mobile app developers typically use an agile, low-risk mobile development methodology that has a proven success record and ensures rapid results. One of the biggest advantage of Agile Methodology is how it connects client’s thoughts and the project all the way through development stage.

From a customer’s standpoint, the top five benefits of our method include:

Stakeholder Engagement

By involving the client in every step of the project, there is a high degree of collaboration between the client and project team, providing more opportunities for the team to truly understand the client’s vision.


An Agile approach provides a unique opportunity for clients to be involved throughout the project, from prioritizing features to iteration planning and review sessions to frequent software builds containing new features. However, this also requires clients to understand that they are seeing a work in progress in exchange for this added benefit of transparency.

Early and Predictable Delivery

By using time-boxed, fixed schedule Sprints of 1-4 weeks, new features are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of predictability. This also provides the opportunity to release or beta test the software earlier than planned if there is sufficient business value.

Allows for Change

While the team needs to stay focused on delivering an agreed-to subset of the product’s features during each iteration, there is an opportunity to constantly refine and reprioritize the overall product backlog. New or changed backlog items can be planned for the next iteration, providing the opportunity to introduce changes within a few weeks.

Focuses on Business Value

By allowing the client to determine the priority of features, our team understands what’s most important to the client’s business, and can deliver the features that provide the most business value.

Improves Quality

By breaking down the project into manageable units, the project team can focus on high-quality development, testing, and collaboration. Also, by producing frequent builds and conducting testing and reviews during each iteration, quality is improved by finding and fixing defects quickly and identifying expectation mismatches early.

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